Back painting of Red lips and Face

Questions and Answers

A series of questions and answers I get throughout the years.

1.  What is the cost of your services?  Well, it depends on different factors.  What type of event are you having?  How many children are going to be there?  How long is the event going to be?  Are you looking for one artist or several?  In order to provided the best service for each and every client, I provide a quote based on those factors I mentioned above.

2.  Is the Face Paint safe?  Yes, the face paint and glitter that I use is FDA certified.  

3.  How many kids can you paint/do balloons in an hour?  I can say about 12-15 kids per hour.  I average about 4 minutes per child.  That’s from getting them up into my chair, picking out a design, doing the design, them seeing the design, and them coming back out of the chair.  Sometimes, it does take longer, it just varies from events.

4.  How old do you have to be to get a balloon?  I suggest only children 3 and older should get a balloon under adult supervision.  That’s just a suggestion, on our balloon bags it states that children under 8 should not handle uninflated or broken balloon.  Adult Supervision Require.

5.  Did you go to school for this?  I have a BFA in Theatre where I did a lot of design work, a lot of painting, and a lot of drawing.  I starting doing Theatre in High School doing various art projects that’s why I say I  have over 19 years of experience.  Now that I’m a professional entertainer, I go to workshops and conventions all over the country to expand my skills and be “in the know,” of new techniques and products in my industry.

6.  Are you Insured ? YES, I’m fully insured.  

7. Is the Henna safe? And Do you have Black Henna?    Yes, Henna is vey safe, I use the best products and make the henna myself. Black Henna is a chemical based product and harmful to the skin

If you have any questions you would like answered, please don’t hesitate to ask!  Thank You!!