About The Owner

Hello, my name is Irene Sitoski and I provide quality event entertainment in the Maryland and DC area. I specialize in Face Painting, Balloon Twisting, Henna, Glitter Tattoo’s, Craft Parties and Decor. I have a BFA in Theatre Design from The University of Arizona and I have been painting for over 20 years. Nothing makes me happier than putting smiles on people’s faces working with these types of mediums.

History of the business

I’ve always been artistic in some way. I wanted to be an interior designer when I was 8 and then a wedding planner at 13. I got involved into theatre when I was 14 which then lead to a 20 year journey, designing/working in various theatre companies. I later moved to the Maryland area in 2005, after my husband got out of the military. We relocated here because of the job opportunities in Maryland for ex-military personal. In 2007, I was approached by a friend who suggested that I go into face painting because of my love of children and art. 10+ years later, I’ve added balloons, glitter and henna to my ever growing entertainment list. It’s been a continuous joy learning new styles and techniques to make sure I’m producing the best product for myself and for clients.

History of the Owner

I was born and raised in Southern Arizona. A very small town called Sierra Vista. Our claim to fame is in 1975, we had the very first MacDonalds drive through. I’ve moved several times with my husband due to the military but we have settle in Maryland and we’ve been here since 2005. I consider Maryland my second home and I feel this is where I will stay. I enjoy doing crafts, volunteering at my child’s school, weightlifting, playing board games, and seeing musicals.

*Custom party experiences available. Call for inquiries!* : (443) 805-1304

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions you would like answered, please don’t hesitate to ask! Thank You!!

What is the cost of your services?

So, it depends on different factors. What type of event are you having? How many children are going to be there? How long is the event going to be? Are you looking for one artist or several? In order to provide the best service for each and every client, I provide a quote based on those factors I mentioned above.

Is the Face Paint safe?

Yes, the face paint and glitter that I use is FDA certified.

How many kids can you paint/do balloons in an hour?

I can say about 12-15 kids per hour. And, I average about 4 minutes per child. That’s from getting them up into my chair, picking out a design, doing the design, them seeing the design, and them coming back out of the chair. However, sometimes, it does take longer it just varies from event to event.

How old do you have to be to get a balloon?

I suggest only children 3 and older should get a balloon under adult supervision. However, that’s just a suggestion, on our balloon bags it states that children under 8 should not handle un-inflated or broken balloon. Adult Supervision is Require.

Did you go to school for this?

I have a BFA in Theatre from UofA where I did a lot of design work. I was also a part of Theatre in High School, working on projects there. As a result, I have over 20 years of painting experience. Also, as a professional entertainer, I go to workshops and conventions all over the country to expand my skills of new techniques and products in my industry.

Are you Insured ?

YES, I’m fully insured.

Is the Henna safe? And Do you have Black Henna?

Yes, Henna is very safe, and I use the best products and make the henna myself. On the other hand, Black Henna is a chemical based product and harmful to the skin.

Why Choose Us!?!

  • Professional service by professional artists Over 15+ years of experience in the event entertainment business and over 20 years of painting experience.*
  • Has a BFA in Theatre Design from the University of Arizona
  • We use the best materials on the market today FDA Approve paints, and glitters. Best quality balloons. Henna is made in house with no chemicals. All organic.*
  • We’re Fully Insured*
  • Custom Designs are Welcomed*
  • Last but not least WE LOVE WHAT WE DO We truly love our craft. Without flair and personality, their is emptiness.
    Let us bring a little flair into your event!*


Professional Service by Professional Artists.

Jenni C.

“Irene has a background in arts as well as in working with children. What better combination can there be for a Face painter? She is so creative and knows how to work a paintbrush and turn your little one into a magical princess or a strong lion ‘rooaaaaarrrr.’ Kids are drawn to her. If you are looking for a Face painter for any kind of event, don’t hesitate to call Irene. Her rates are very affordable too!!!”

quote quote
Lauren L.

“The Pirate Girl Painter is a fantastic artist! She has a ton of experience with children. My five-year-old daughter loves her! The Pirate Girl Painter is a great choice for your birthday party or event. Even if your child isn’t keen on getting his or her face painted they can opt to get a glitter tattoo on their arm or leg. She offers something for everyone.”

quote quote
Naliai C.

Very talented & creative face painter and balloon character creator!

quote quote
Brian Benner

The Pirate Girl Painter and a shipmate helped with the Severna Park Elementary School PTA Spring Fair. Their work was beautiful, and the kiddos loved it. They we’re on time, worked hard, flexible, and required very minimal effort from the event organizers. We’ll be using them again.

quote quote
Vanessa de Capitani

Irene was great to work with! She was professional, made the kids happy, and did fantastic work!

quote quote
Jenea Robinson

She is so amazing and patient with children! I have had her services for two different parties and my guest and myself were amazed at her work!

quote quote
Christine Cots

Irene is amazing!! She not only can make amazing birthday creations but I have seen her amazing body painting up close at a benefit. She is sweet and great with kids!! I highly recommend hiring her for your next event!

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