Balloon Twisting

Balloon Twisting is the magic art of using balloons of all shapes and sizes to create wonderful and fantastic objects. Our twisters have master this art where it’s just not a balloon dog but an amazing bulldog!! Maybe add some crazy aliens or secret ninjas to your party. Or how about princess wands and fancy unicorns? Balloon animals are just one great addition to lively up any event. As a result, amazing creations happen within just a few minutes and a few balloons!! Now serving Annapolis, Serverna Park, Baltimore, Glen Burnie, Washington DC, and Pasadena.

What to expect?

*Our Artist/Artists will come in, start the set-up process, answer any last minute questions you may have and start making amazing balloon twisting animals right away!*

How many designs are done per hour?

*There are over 40+ crazy designs to choose from and the average design can be complete in just a matter of minutes! Overall, most of our artists’ range is about 15-20 designs per hour.*

What do I need to provide for the artist/artists?

*A small table, please.  If the location is outside, the cover needs to be provided as well.*

Is there an hourly minimum?

*We ask for the hourly minimum to be 2 hours but a 1-hour option is available for an extra fee.*

*Custom party experiences available. Call for inquiries!* : (443) 805-1304

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