Henna Body Art

Henna body art is a beautiful art form that can be created with an impressive array of many designs. Henna is a dye prepared from the plant Lawsonia inermis, also known as hina, the henna tree. Our henna is all natural, all cones rolled in house. This art form can last 7-10 days depending of care. Perfect for Tweens, Slumber Parties, Proms, and more!

What to expect?
*Our Artist/Artists will come in, start the set-up process, answer any last minute questions and then they’ll started created right away!

How many designs are done per hour?
*Henna is suggested for clients 8 and older. Small designs can be done in a few minutes where as larger designs can take up to 10 minutes. On average, I would say 10-15 designs per hour per artist.*

What do I need to provide for the day of the event?
A table and 2 chairs. If the location outside, cover needs to be provided for the artist/artists please.*

Is there an hourly minimum?
*We ask for the hourly minimum to be 2 hours but there is an 1 hour option available for an extra fee.*


*Custom party experiences available. Call for inquiries!* : (443) 805-1304

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